Women’s Consignment Boutique

Special Partners

Restyle has committed to partner with “A Step Beyond”, “Beyond Uganda,” and “Carriage Candle Company” in order to support special needs skills, international ministries, and small local businesses.


special needs A STEP BEYOND
These special needs young adults are enrolled in a Frisco ISD Program and are job trained throughout the year to transition into the workforce. Their schedules include job sites, recreational leisure, community skills and making product (i.e. coasters, jewelry, wood signs). Restyle’s customers enjoy these simple and festive items, and A Step Beyond appreciates your support. 100% of the sales proceeds go to A Step Beyond.


carriage candlesCARRIAGE CANDLES
Carriage Candles are not just any candles, but uniquely strong-scented, hand-poured candles. Customers of Restyle love these candles for all these years. At Restyle, we make sure that a Carriage candle is always lit up and the sweet aroma simply causes cravings for cookies and pie. Carriage Candle Company has a scent that fits every season and occasion, each one calming and enjoyable!